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Lazy Bear™ is a project where NFT art and education coexist. It is Radix's first NFT educational project. Each infographic, vignette and illustration has been created with love and attention to detail to make each one unique. We strive to unite educational collections with art in a fun and entertaining way. ¡What could be better than having a piece of history in our hands!

At the moment, the LazyBear™ educational illustration collection is still being created. Every X days we will release a new collection of exclusive pieces (illustration, cartoon and infographic), but you can reserve your future Lazy Bear™ illustration by sending XRD, from your Radix wallet to the official wallet.

In addition, we will later launch our LazyBears collection, a unique and exclusive collection of 5,555 hand-designed NFTs. Once Smart Contracts are enabled in Radix (after "Babylon") and after the entire Lazy Bears collection is completed, you will finally be able to mint your randomly selected NFTs from our collection. This is likely to happen towards the end of 2022.

Purchase LazyBear's first educational infographic format NFT now. When the sale period ends it will no longer be available.

Current Bid:

30 XRD

Sale starts In:

Radix Wallet: rdx1qspg892e393f9a2q0r7jmplf77llhtq7s736h2nczrj35mj36trnxfg5p34uv

Collection of Lazy Bear

About Lazy Bear

And There Is More!

The Lazy Bears have arrived in force to turn the NFT world upside down. From the core of the team to our extremities, we are passionate about art, design and the blockchain world. From that energy and the desire to promote a fun education, this project was born. On the other hand, it should be said that as an educational project we could not miss a blog with educational articles, ¡you can not miss them!.

  • Launch Lazy Bear

    This initial collection of 5,000 Lazy Bears is the first step in obtaining resources and tools to fund educational content for the Radix community.

  • Lazy Bear Swag

    In the future, we also plan to bring out Lazy Bear Swag. In order to further promote education, promote the Radix environment and support the growth of the community. Importantly, all products will contain 100% recycled materials.

  • Charity Bears

    Lazy Bear promotes interactive and fun education. That is why 8% of the funds will go to help NGOs to buy educational materials or pay teachers' salaries. "Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world." Nelson Mandela

  • Big Rewards

    Rewards based on meritocracy. Through CREW3 the community will be able to perform missions to receive ENERGY that can be exchanged for rewards such as NFT avatar, swag...

Leazy bear
have come to surprise

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Future Goals

Lazy Bear Roadmap

When creating a project, it is very important to be transparent with the community, especially an educational project like ours. Therefore, we share our Roadmap, which we will be updating and adding new points as the stages are developed.


Main Lazy Bear

Our Team



Founder / Visionary
Branding specialist. Passionate in creating brands, building teams, creating value-driven projects.


Talented Artist
Expert in marketing and digital strategies for 6 years. Passionate in stocks and crypto growing up.


Back End Developer
+6 years experience growing up with a passion in culture and community and development along crypto.

Yes as we are using the Radix net :

The only decentralized network that lets you build fast, rewards everyone who makes it better, and scales without friction.

Our contract will be optimized to enable a low gas fee experience as well as being audited by a third party to ensure security and safety. Having in mind our long-term vision with the project, we want to make sure our first launch is flawless.

NFTs can be mined in 2023 when Radix allows it.

As you know Lazy Bears was born with educational and artistic purposes.

Therefore, with any NFT you get you will have the opportunity to participate in the community voting:
– New infographics, comics, collections
– Design content
– Educational material to translate, videos, potcasts, articles…
– Much more

The infographics and educational comics will be published for a minimum of one week or until they are all sold out.

Each infographic will have 555 series and the price for each series will be 50 XRD.

To purchase a Lazy Bears NFT, whether it is an infographic, comic or the main collection, it is very important to follow these steps:

1- Copy the address of our Radix Wallet.
2- Write in the messages that you are buying:
e.g.: Infographic 001, NFT main collection, Lazy Bear 28TH July...
3- Finally put the amount of XRD corresponding to what you are buying.

In the messages you can enter your emails and encrypt them, for more security and support help.

FAQ Radix Listing Lazy Bear Collection

Transparency and seriousness in our work is very important to the Lazy Bear team. Therefore, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact support or in our Telegram group.

Don’t hesitate to subscribe to our news letter so you don’t miss anything.

Besides being a project created by the community and for the Radix community.
Lazy Bear brings a revolutionary artistic and educational set in the NFT world, we intend to leave our mark on the future of Radix, by creating a community in which we will promote educational content in several languages.
Lazy Bear was born on July 28th, 2021 at the same time as the Radix network, is that a coincidence?

Get Ready For New Sale Education, Art And More!

Lazy Bear promotes interactive and fun education. That is why 8% of the funds will go to help NGOs to buy educational materials or pay teachers' salaries. "Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world." Nelson Mandela
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